Cherrybomb - Open source API Security CLI tool

With Cherrybomb you can stop half-done API specifications!Cherrybomb is a CLI tool that helps you avoid undefined user behavior by validating your API specifications.

An example use of Cherrybomb CLI API Security tool

Validates Your OpenAPI Specification

CherryBomb is a CLI tool that helps API designers and developers avoid undefined user behavior. Cherrybomb validates API specifications through the various stages of API design.

Supports OpenAPI 3+ & HTTP Logs

The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) is a standard for documenting REST APIs. HTTP logs are a type of log that contains information about HTTP requests and responses.

Cherrybomb supports the OpenAPI Specification, which is a standard for specifying how APIs work. Cherrybomb also supports HTTP logs, which can be used to debug API calls.

This allows for greater flexibility and ease of use when developing web applications.

Supports all API specifications.
Cherrybomb Supports all API specifications.

4 Different Actions

  1. OpenAPI Specification Scan

    Passive scan that checks the OAS for common mistakes and lack of best practices.
  2. Parameter Table

    Cherrybomb takes in the OAS and turns it into a descriptive parameter table.
  3. Mapper

    Takes in traffic logs and maps the business logic flow of the application, then outputs a digest file.
  4. Web Interface

    or drag and drop

    JSON/YAML up to 4MB

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