Our Platform

Each and every company in the world has its own unique core business logic for its API. We integrate our solution into your SDLC pipeline within any environment, ensuring that development will continue uninterrupted.

An image illustrating the BLST platform

Protect your business logic

A picture that illustrates BLST's attacker
A picture that illustrates BLST's decider

BLST provides AppSec and DevOps teams with a solution that helps them understand the API business logic attack flows and enables them to work more efficiently and ship better and more secure code faster. BLST detects business logic anomalies by using an AI/ML model that learns the usage of users in the system and begins to simulate business logic attack flows before the system hits production.


Our Attacker simulates business logic attack flows on your API early in the integration phase using AI/ML. It helps you find business logic attack flows that could lead to the exposure of sensitive data, fraud, and privilege escalation.


The BLST Decider understands the core business logic of the API and is capable of detecting a wide range of threats. The Decider can differentiate between normal and abnormal behavior in the system automatically and provides the ability to observe each abnormal case that has happened, allowing you to be able to remediate easily and quickly.

Runtime Validation

BLST uses runtime HTTP logs and compares them to the OpenAPI specification to detect any differences between the specification and what's running in production. This creates a clear image for every use case, suggesting an easy path to quick remediation.

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