Business LogicSecurity Testing

BLST finds broken logic in your API and maps it, with an easy-to-use & integrate platform.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

BLST offers a wide-array of features and benefits to make you application more secure.

API Protection

Each API represents an additional and potentially unique attack vector.

AI + ML Powered

Our special neural network learns your application from all direction.

Logic Attacks

No other product can test your application's logic like us.

Artificial Penetration Tester

Our AI attacks your system just like a real PT will, but better and faster.

Less Distractions

Working with a bug bounty program to find logic attacks requires a lot of resources and working with too many people.


Get notified only about what you need to know, without distractions.

Developer Reports

Get detailed reports of our findings, that will point you to the exact origin of the problem.


Advanced dashboards helps you get things done.